Biorhythm of internal organs

Gallbladder23 – 01 hrsStomach07 – 09 hrsMoč.m ěchýř15-17 hrs
Liver01 – 03 hrsSpleen09 – 11 hrsKidneys17 – 19 hrs
Lung03 – 05 hrsHeart11 am – 3 pmCirculation19 am – 21 pm
Tortrix05 – 07 hrsThin AC evo13 – 15 hoursThe fire of fire21 – 23 hrs

Any treatment and medication should be done at the time of the biorhythm of the affected organ to be as effective as possible.

23 – 01 hrs. 

This time is controlled by the pathway of the gallbladder, an organ that has a great effect on the human psyche. At this time, there are also the biggest gall bladder problems, especially after hearty and fatty food and alcohol. Also, at this time, the most intense dreams are. The kidneys and adrenals have minimal activity.

01 – 03 hrs. 

At this time the liver reaches the highest activity. Growth hormone levels reach the highest levels. You have very low pressure, slow breathing and pulse. People with liver problems and migraines are awakening at this time.

03 – 05 hrs. 

The circuit starts with the meridian of the lungs, when their work culminates. There is minimal activity of the vegetative system in the chest and abdominal cavity, the blood pressure is the lowest, the physical activity to a minimum, but the hearing is being fed. At this time, asthmatics most often have dyspnoea, people with advanced arteriosclerosis are also at risk, or are at increased risk of stroke. Psychically disturbed individuals reach their peak anxiety and depressive symptoms in the morning, so most suicides are in the morning.

05 – 07 hrs.  

The peak of the function of the large intestine and vice versa the activity of the gallbladder and small intestine is minimal. Blood pressure rises with blood flow to all the organs and the brain. The immunity of the body is very high, the level of male genitalia reaches its maximum. The least bladder energy is attained, symptoms of renal insufficiency are evident at this time. It’s time to empty the colon.

07 – 09 hrs.  

At this time, the activity of the stomach is culminating – it is time to get breakfast. Psychic and cardiac activity increases, mental concentration increases. There is minimal hepatic activity, there is a perfect digestion of carbohydrates, changing energy rather than fats. Pain sensitivity is lowest, heart activity is increasing. Find out more interesting facts about fruit and vegetables.

09 – 11 hrs.  

Peak of the pancreas and spleen and therefore digestion. The organization uses the nutrients supplied and allows maximum mental and physical activity, it is the peak of morning activity. At least the lungs work, the sensitivity to pain is reduced, the heart goes full.

11 am – 3 pm 

Heart activity is at its peak, blood circulation has the highest value. Minimal activity has a large intestine. The liver restricts its activity, slight fatigue occurs. Heart disease is critical in the morning and afternoon when excess syndrome may occur and heart attacks occur, increasing the risk of thrombus within the blood vessel

13-15 hrs

Full function is the small intestine meridian. Minimal activity has stomach and liver. Physical energy decreases, fatigue and need for sleep. The sensory organs and the psychic curve are at a high level.

15-17 hrs.  

Atlas Web Blog speaks that most energy has a bladder path. Excessive energy in this area may manifest itself as stiffness and pain in the cross, until seven o’clock in the evening. Some people temporarily increase blood sugar levels in some people. The spleen and pancreas have minimal activity. The body reacts very well to body temperature and the physical activity increases.

17 – 19 hrs. 

The body governs the kidney / adrenal gland, the physical body and the spirit reaches the second peak of performance and activity. The sensitivity to pain and stimuli decreases, the most intense exchange of air in the lungs occurs. Minimum activity has a heart, working ability is good.

19 am – 21 pm  

This path is controlled by pericardium / pericardium – circulatory system /. Minimal activity has a small intestine, blood pressure rises. Memory works very well and the body’s ability to break down alcohol is the highest. Allergics may experience reactions because white blood cell counts are the highest.

21 – 23 hrs.  

The government’s triple heater / vegetative system /, the levels of some hormones in the blood serum begin to rise. Top of regulation in chest and abdominal cavity. There is a fall in blood pressure and temperature, increasing the number of white blood cells up to 12 thousand per 1 cm3. The body eliminates unwanted substances and calories. The psychic relaxes and prepares to rest. If you need more information you can always contact

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