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Aroma therapeutics claim they can cure almost every illness and are often witnessing an immediate improvement in nerve problems such as depression, anger, stress and related symptoms such as headache and insomnia.

If the essential oils, in addition to inhaling, penetrate the skin, the results may appear slower – this is the case of pain, arthritis and cramps or a skin problem – eczema or acne. In addition to treating diseases, the essential oils are appreciated for their gentle stimulating or soothing effects and the ability to bring a sense of harmony and bliss. They also have a preventive effect on disease.

The essence of aromatherapy is essence – volatile substances with a strong characteristic aroma and oily consistency. They are composed of a mixture of substances in which terpenes, alcohols, aldehydes, phenols and ketones predominate. The oils are prepared from individual plants by cold pressing, maceration or distillation. Mostly they act anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, release spasms, relax the whole body, act against bloating and flatulence. The range of fragrances has an irritating effect and stimulates the defensive forces of the body. The role of natural healing is to stimulate the natural defense of the body and reduce the side effects of the medications administered. The medicinal fragrances act beneficial on the central nervous system. The way oil is used varies with the nature of the disease. Essential oils are used for inhalation, stuttering or as a bath additive, rubbed into the skin, vaporized with aroma lamp or spray, less commonly used internally. Essential oils are highly concentrated and diluted before use. Their effectiveness decreases when exposed to light. Store in dark glass or in dark glass.

The fragrance has the ability to strengthen immunity, eliminate stress and stress and harmonize body and soul overall.

   Aromalamps – are an excellent source and a means of expanding fragrance and healing oils into the atmosphere. Drop 6 to 10 drops of essential oil into the water container and light the tea candle under the bottle to heat the water to evaporate the medicinal oil into the air.


In aromalamp, inhalation, bath and massage.

Anise – Anise Essential Oil contains essential oils that are used to make liqueurs, syrups, soups, add to medications and herbal mixtures. It is fragrant, sweetish and has high antibacterial effects, it absorbs, increases appetite and reduces flatulence. In aromatherapy, it is applied to neuroses, insomnia and anorexia. The night irritation cough is invaluable, so we leave the oil in the aromalamp or in a bowl of water as a vaporizer.

Basil It is activating, antidepressant, improving mood. Bazal oil strengthens concentration, sharps up, clarifies thoughts, soothes and stimulates nerves, prevents anxiety, relieves nervous tension and promotes sleep, fatigue and enhances mental function. It is used for headache in breathing and digestion problems.

Benzoin – an antiseptic, karminative soothing effect on the heart. Furthermore, the deodorant and diuretic effect is penetrating, warming up. Calms the nerves and soothes irritated skin, thinking, diminishing nervous tension, stress and anxiety. Its stimulating effects relieve depression and restore self-confidence. It is also used for arthritis, bronchitis, colic, cough, wounds and sores.

Bergamot – Bergamot oil is refreshing and stimulating to help maintain emotional balance. It relieves anxiety, depression and soothes anger. It acts antiseptically, antidepressant, reduces temperature, stimulates appetite, removes feelings of fear, promotes breathing. When used in sunscreen, it can cause a hypersensitivity to light.

Pine – It is rising, disinfecting and antisepticHelps in kidney and respiratory problems, asthma, cold, flu, bronchitis, cough, pneumonia, muscle fatigue, rheumatism, cleanses the skin and improves the activity of the scalp.

Cedar wood – Cedar oil relieves feelings of anxiety, nervous tension and stress, harmonizes the psyche. It relieves emotions and restores energy balance and emotional serenity. It acts antiseptically and has sedative effects, dissolves the mucus, soothes and deepens breathing, cleanses air and skin, acne, dandruff, is suitable for cystitis. It can irritate the central nervous system. He must not take pregnant women and epilepsy. It must not be used internally. It is suitable for induction of meditation and relaxation. It is a good insect repellent.

Lemon – It smells clean, soft and strengthens, refreshes, raises and rejuvenates, is suitable for cosmetics for the skin and skin of the whole body. It is also a good insect repellent, while taking good massage against the pain. It has an antiseptic effect and is therefore used against airway, angina, catara, laryngitis, sore throat and rhinitis. It also has antiviral and disinfectant effect, strengthens the body’s defenses, promotes white blood cell production and appetite, lowers temperature and acts anti-rheumatically, increases concentration. Recommended for mental work, stimulates memory. Read more about how to use fruits and vegetables as medicine.

Red Pepper – Pepper oil increases alertness and improves concentration. It stimulates mental energy – especially blocked. It’s an aphrodisiac.

Oregano – It brings good mood, refreshes and relaxes, promotes concentration.

Eucalyptus – It acts antiseptically, anti-virus, anti-inflammatory, reduces fever in flu, coughs and rhinitis, releases coughing and stiff mucus, promotes cardiac activity, strengthens the immune system. It is suitable for rheumatic disorders, bronchitis, hay fever, sinusitis, acne and unclean skin, is suitable for diarrhea, gastric and duodenal ulcers – attention to gall bladder and liver disease. Cleans blood from both bacteria and toxins, lowers blood sugar. It is used for exhaustion but also for cutting and surface injuries.

Fennel – It has antitoxic, anticonvulsant and diuretic effects. Fennel oil soothes emotions, relieves stress and nervousness. It provides a sense of security in moments of emotional onslaught. is suitable for disorders of digestion, constipation and nausea. Moreover, the inhalation of this oil has a beneficial effect on diabetes, gallbladder, heart and blood vessels. It is used for oily skin, cellulite and menopause.

Grapefruit  Cleans the air and has a disinfecting effect, strengthens the immune system, encourages stimulating and refreshing the body, increases concentration, helps with colds, coughs, colds, flu, bronchitis and lowers temperature and regulates the function of sweat glands.

Cloves – It’s warm, antiseptic, disinfect, relieves pain. The effects of this oil affect toothache and skin injuries. It stimulates, relieves flatulence and colic, prevents stomach pain and intestinal parasites, helps with urinary and genital tract problems, releases blocking and cervical spine pain, head, joint and back pain. It is suitable for the prevention of inflammation in the oral cavity, against colds and flu, and as an insect repellent.

Chamomile – It is widely used and is popular with older people and children. It has strong anti-inflammatory effects, acts as a sedative, antidepressant, antispasmodic, diuretic and anti-allergic. It alleviates pain, promotes wound healing, stimulates appetite, is used against spasms and flatulence in the digestive tract. It relaxes and soothes the nerves and various inflammations in the body, it is suitable for sensitive skin, heals acne and inflammation, skin. it is used in aromalamp in baths, tiling, wash wounds, hemorrhoids, menstruation and similar maladies.

Juniper – It has the most intense effect, exfoliates fatigue, prevents colds and strengthens energy, relieves joint pain, helps with low pressure, and so on. problems. It works pleasantly when bathing legs and tired varicose veins. Removes toxins from the body, promotes the activity of the lymphatic system. It is suitable for diabetes, menstrual pain, muscle pain, urinary tract inflammation, dyspnoea and rheumatism. It must not be used in kidney and pregnancy.

Jasmine – Helps depression, anxiety, stress and nervous exhaustion. It relaxes the mind and improves the mood, inspires us to appreciate beauty more. It acts as an aphrodisiac and speeds up labor, urinary tract pain, respiratory problems, and a good tonic for sensitive skin.

Incense – Calms, relaxes, regulates breathing. Helps in rheumatism and arthrosis of joints

Dirt – Not used too much oil. It should be used by future moms because it helps in flatulence, promotes milk production, has a moderate sedative – soothing effects, it is recommended for gallbladder and cardiovascular diseases.

Coriander – Its sweet smell improves the mood. Coriander oil refreshes and strengthens, relaxes and relieves feelings of anxiety, stress and nervousness, relieves mental fatigue and nervousness, improves memory and creativity. It improves the state of nerve exhaustion, digestion and rheumatism.

Lavender –Its essence is an equilibrium state, it has normalizing and painful effects. It has good anti-inflammatory effects, eliminates bacteria, promotes white blood cell production and helps prevent viral diseases such as aphtha, hives, asthma, inflammation, etc. Moderate cramps and relaxes the body, increases secretion of gastric juices and intestinal contractions. In application 3 times daily for 10 min. we help you with gas, diarrhea, and pain in the lower abdomen. Applies to depression, insomnia, epilepsy, convulsions, panic attacks, fainting, trembling, and exhaustion. Helps in painful and irregular menstruation, reduces blood pressure, healing, heart. It also provides preventive removal of the side effects of drugs, diets, heavy substances, and thus relieving rheumatic and grueling pains, muscle and joint problems. It has antidepressant, antiseptic and spasmolitic (spasms).

Marjoram – Composition of marjoram effects helps in muscle spasms, soothes disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effects, facilitates coughing, increases bile excretion and is diuretic. It is given in an inconvenience when inhaled in colds, colds and bronchitis. It works very well in emotional excitement, anxiety, nervous exhaustion and tension and stress. It relaxes both mind and muscles. It relieves pain, calms and strengthens, is suitable for menstrual problems, insomnia, stress and pains of all kinds, improves blood circulation, relieves high blood pressure, muscle cramps and asthma attacks.

Mandarin – Harmonizes, inspires, supports appetite, and relieves muscle tension. It is especially popular with children.

Mint Pepper – Menthol content is responsible for its pronounced cooling effect. It is mainly used to treat digestive problems, stimulates the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, duodenum and stomach. It increases the production of digestive enzymes, acids and bile, thus improving digestion, appetite, preventing spasms, flatulence, diarrhea, colic and travel sickness. Psychically, oil soothes, cools, relieves pain and has sedative effects. It is used in the conditions of hysteria, tremors, heart pounding, fainting and also when changing the environment. Using massage can remove muscle tension, headache, teeth, cervical spine and exhaustion.

Kennel – Her essential oils help with headaches, tiredness and depression. It acts as a nerve tonic, it affects immunity, it is antibacterial and antimycotic, it frees the mucous, it helps in the sinus cavities. Inhalation is a mild irritant cough, baths can help with colds, muscle pains, rheumatism, and healing wounds. It increases blood pressure. It is used in cosmetics to treat oily and inflammatory skin. Beware – it has blood-borne, irritating effects!

Meduque – Used in nerve overload, irritation, anti-melancholy, cheer, strengthens the spirit of life, and heals the heartbeat. It relieves convulsions, gallbladder, relieves flatulence and strengthens digestion, helps small children with restlessness and poor sleep. It has the ability to reduce the adrenaline hormone secretion from the adrenal gland. It acts antidepressant, calms, stimulates both body and mind, reduces blood pressure and temperature, acts anti-viral, spasmolitic, causes sweating, strengthens nerves and heart, creates balance and is suitable for sleep disorders, migraines, epilepsy, menstrual problems, high blood pressure cold.

Myrha – Has antiseptic, healing, anti-inflammatory and tonic effects. It relieves emotions, stimulates the mind and promotes concentration, removes digestive problems, loss of appetite, cataracts and bronchitis. Strengthens in difficult moments.

Pačuli – It works antiseptically, antidepressant and sedative. Removes anxiety, promotes healing and cleans air. It is suitable for dry skin.

Orange – Orange oil soothes the nerves and relieves feelings of anxiety, stress and insomnia. It strengthens emotional energy and balances emotions by either stimulating or calming them. It refreshes, harmonizes, tonifies, stimulates appetite, disinfects and relaxes skin tension.

Rosemary – Relaxes nerves, relieves intense emotions and regulates moods. It reduces mental tension and stress. By stimulating energy it eliminates mental fatigue and normalizes cardiac activity. It acts encouragingly, antiseptically, spasmolitically, against bloating, promotes memory and concentration, helps with headaches and migraines, regulates menstruation, increases coldness, diarrhea, rheumatism and muscle pain. Not suitable for epileptics, pregnant women and people with high blood pressure. She’s an aphrodisiac.

Roses – Pink oil is relaxing, antidepressant, adstrigenic, antiseptic, soothes emotions, improves mood, and relieves stress and tension. It relieves nerves, removes anxiety, and relieves depression. Stabilizes mood and balances emotions. Helps in digestion and all sensitive skin.

Pink Wood – Calms, relaxes and helps alleviate feelings of anxiety, tension and stress. It balances emotions and stabilizes nerves. It improves mood especially in stressful situations and fatigue. It stimulates, harmonises, releases tension during stress and causes spasmolysis, is effective aphrodisiac.

Ladder – In the form of soothing baths, it helps in ovarian inflammation and itching of the vagina, regulates menstruation and transition. Helps with headache, migraine, insomnia, airway inflammation, bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis and gastric pain. It acts antiseptically, releases the mucous membranes, affects bone marrow, promotes blood circulation, is used in joint and bone pain, rheumatic pains and varicose veins, supports blood circulation, is suitable for hemorrhoids, acts healing on the skin, mainly eczema and bruising.

Santal wood – Reduces exhaustion and stress. It relaxes the body and the mind and improves the mood by helping to relax stress nervousness and stress. Stimulates senses and cleanses thought processes. It has antiseptic effects, relieves diarrhea, pain and is an aphrodisiac.

Cinnamon – The oil is strongly bloodless, has the ability to eliminate fatigue, increases concentration and is applied during periods of frequent flu and viruses, women use it for diets and cleansing bark, supports digestion. Stimulates, works strongly antiseptically, spasmolitically, strengthens nerves and blood circulation, heart and breathing, regulates menstruation. At high concentration, it can lead to skin irritation. Suitable for flu, colds, cramps, diarrhea and impotence, is an aphrodisiac.

Spruce  It acts antiseptically, dissolves the mucus and promotes blood circulation, helps with cough, bronchitis, muscle tension and rheumatic complaints.

Sage – acts anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, spasmolytic and diuretic, reduces congestion and regulates low blood pressure. Strengthens the body’s defenses, supports menstruation. Sage oil regenerates inner peace and relieves the debilitating effects of stress. It calms and relaxes the body and the mind. It alleviates muscle pain and restores emotional balance.

Thyme – Supports and stimulates nerves, increases concentration and improves memory. It acts antiseptically, disinfected, spasmolytically, diuretically and antirheumatically, promotes white blood cell production and increases blood pressure. Helps release broncholytic cramps, promotes coughing, regulates respiratory problems. It is a natural antibiotic and thus stimulates the proper movement of the cilia in the bronchial mucosa and secretion secretion. It acts via the airways to the stomach and intestinal organs and penetrates into the kidneys and bladder where it acts disinfectant during cystitis. It is just as good against mold and affects the overall mucus in the body. Not suitable for pregnancy, menstruation and epilepsy. If you are interested to read something more about fruits and nutrition facts, you can follow this link.

Tender – Used as psychic stimulants and antidepressant. It supports concentration, relieves fatigue, weakness and headache from colds. It acts antiseptically on the respiratory tract and in the flu, reduces the fever. In the form of baths and massages it helps against rheumatic problems, joint and muscle pain, hemorrhoid soother.

Vanilla – It supports appetite, causes spasmolysis, helps with anxiety, depression, nervousness, irritability and insomnia, generally calms and is suitable for menstrual problems.

Ylang – Ylang – Has sedative, antiseptic and antidepressant effects. It relaxes and relieves emotional states and promotes positive emotions. It relieves stress, anxiety and stabilizes moods. It supports feelings of love, safety and well-being.

Ginger – is stimulating and toning. Similar effects like ginger have a clove. It is an excellent remedy for back pain, stiff joints and muscles, ligaments, and so on. It is used in a disorder of digestion and loss of appetite. Cloves or ginger must not be used for any inflammation.

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